QUT Guild Officers

The QUT Guild Executive and Councillors is made up of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Office Bearers and unpaid Councillors. Together they run regular campaigns, weekly collective meetings and more.

As every student is a member of QUT Guild, we encourage all interested students to come to our meetings to stay up to date with the governance of the QUT Guild, contribute to debate and discussion, and ask questions of the office bearers. 

If you require any more information, or would like to submit a motion, please email secretary@qutguild.com



Olivia Brumm

The President is the official spokesperson of the QUT Guild. They work closely with executives and staff to ensure the Guild’s aims and objectives are met, as well as providing strategic direction for the organisation, and negotiating with the university.


Cameron Mackie

The Secretary of the Guild is responsible for overseeing all the operational functions and internal administration. They take care of and interpret the Guild’s governing documentation. The Secretary is the representative to answer any questions surrounding the Guild’s procedures.


Liam Blair

Your Treasurer is focused on the financial aspects of the QUT Guild. They work with the Guild’s finance team to create budgets, track spending, and ensure that the money is being spent on appropriate projects.

Student Rights VP’s

Ramisa Raya & Sarah Balmer
E: studentrights@qutguild.com

Your Student Right’s Vice Presidents are here to stand up and advocate for all student’s rights while studying. They are responsible for representing and supporting you through academic and welfare issues that you may face during your degree.

Campus Culture VP’s

Megha Prasad & Jordan Dyce
E: campusculture@qutguild.com

There’s more to university life than studying and assignments. The Campus Culture Vice Presidents are all about fun! They’re here to make sure your university life is jam packed with an array of social events. Your Campus Culture VP’s also work closely with all the student clubs and societies on campus, providing guidance and support.

Sport VP’s

Harrison Pie & Jonathan Easton
E: sportvp@qutguild.com

The QUT Guild’s Sport Vice Presidents are naturally all about sport. They are here to provide sporting and recreational activities. To promote exercise, fitness and a healthy lifestyle both on and off campus.

Gender & Sexuality VP - Queer

Amy Sargeant
E: queer@qutguild.com

Your Queer Officer is here to champion for LGBTIQA+ rights and work on issues of equality within the university. The Queer Officer will consult with other queer students and ensure their concerns are addressed. As well as ensuring there is a safe space on campus for all queer students.

Gender & Sexuality VP - Women’s

Genevieve Hitzke
E: women@qutguild.com

Your Women’s Officer is here to champion for women's rights and promote gender equality with the university. The Women’s Officer will consult with other women on the issues they face at university and work towards resolving these. As well as ensuring there is a safe space on campus for women.

Environment Officers

Hannah Smith & Seren Wyatt
E: environment@qutguild.com

The QUT Guild Environment Officers ensure the Guild, the university and students are engaging in sustainable practices. Their aim is to promote and encourage eco-friendly and sustainable practices that can be adopted into everyday life.

International Students Officer

Dieu Linh Hoang
E: international@qutguild.com

The International Officer is responsible for the representation of international students in all relevant issues as well as promoting and facilitating international student activities.

Postgraduate Students Officer

Nikka Turangan
E: postgrad@qutguild.com

The Postgraduate Officer is responsible for the representation of students in specific postgraduate issues. Along with monitoring the needs and requirements of students enrolled in postgraduate degrees.


First Nations Students Officer

Jennifer Barnaby
E: firstnations@qutguild.com

The First Nations Officer is responsible for the representation of students in specific First Nations issues. 


Media Team (GLASS)

Anahita Ebrahimi, Emily Readman, Jasmin Graves & Ashleigh North
E: media@qutguild.com 

The Media Team are the editors of the GLASS Magazine. QUT Guild’s independent, student submission-based magazine.