Unit Outlines

Unit Outlines

What is a unit outline?

A unit outline is a document that is provided by your Unit Coordinator that details the following things about the unit:
  • aims and objectives of the unit
  • the attendance requirements
  • the expected workload
  • the methods of assessment in the unit, including information on the weight and timing of each item of assessment
  • advice on whether a passing mark is required for any or each item of assessment in order to obtain a passing grade for the unit
  • advice on the policy regarding the late submission of assessable material
  • You should receive a unit outline within two weeks of starting the unit.

You can find your unit outline by searching for it at the this page.

Can the unit outline change?

It can, but only after the Unit Coordinator has consulted with you first. They must tell you what they’re planning on changing, and give you a chance to object.

You think your unit outline is unfair.

If you think your unit outline is unfair because it doesn’t address the above issues, or the Unit Coordinator changes it without consultation, come and see us at the Guild’s Student Rights Hub. We can liaise with the Unit Coordinator on your behalf to make sure that you’re being treated fairly.