What are my rights?

When you signed up for your course, you accepted that you would be available for classes between 8am 10pm, Monday to Friday, on each campus. Unfortunately the University cannot strive to create a good timetable for each student (we have over 45,000 students!). That means that as long as your classes are scheduled between those times, the University is not contravening policy. Classes can also be scheduled on weekends where necessary.

The University does try to schedule classes between 9am and 9pm for your convenience, but sometimes classes may fall outside of this period due to resource availabilities.

What if this seems unfair?

If you have special circumstances that make your timetabled classes unfair, you can contact the University to ask them for some allowances. This may be a digital version of your lectures, or being swapped into a new class – whatever makes it fair for you. You will need to see the Equity Department to ask for this.

Need a bit of help?

If you think that your timetable is unfair, you should see the Guild’s Student Rights Hub. We can advocate on your behalf with Equity to make sure that you get the best available outcome.