Welfare Assistance

Food Assistance

QUT Guild Food Bank is available to all QUT students to help you get through till your next payday. 

The services we have available are:

·      Kelvin Grove - C Block, Level 2

·      Gardens Point – X Block, Level 2 (Email foodbank@qutguild.com to arrange a booking)

Food Assistance is a temporary assistance measure to support as many students as possible. Students are limited to one visit per fortnight and 10 items per visit. For those needing regular assistance, please contact foodbank@qutguild.com and we will be able to refer you to other welfare services.


Kelvin Grove - C Block, Level 2

To access the Guild Grocer, just pop over to the QUT Guild Kelvin Grove Office (C Block, Level 2) with your QUT student ID card and we can let you in. Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9 AM - 3:30 PM.


Gardens Point – X Block, Level 2 (Email booking required)

Alternatively, if you email foodbank@qutguild.com we can set up a time for someone to let you into the Gardens Point Guild Grocer at X Block, Level 2.



QUT Guild buys food as well as receives donations to keep the Guild Grocer as stocked up as they can be. We offer non-perishable items including pasta, rice and cans of vegetables as well as personal hygiene items.

To help our Guild Grocer run successfully, we do accept and welcome donations. We accept food donations as long as they are long life items with an expiry date of at least 3 months or more. Food donations must be new, unused and not damaged. If you would like to make a donation, please email foodbank@qutguild.com or studentsrights@qutguild.com or make a drop off to our Kelvin Grove Office (C Block, Level 2) Monday to Friday 9-3:30.

If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, please use the form here and/or contact finance@qutguild.com. We appreciate any help that we can get from donations. Every little bit counts!


Download the Guild Grocer Recipes PDF here

Transport Vouchers

For many students, public transport is the easiest way to access our campuses. To help students afford the rising Translink rates, we have collaborated with the Student Advocacy team to provide you with a $10 or $15 goCard voucher. To receive a voucher, please make a booking here: 



the guide: unofficial qut info, tips & tricks

The Guide: Unofficial QUT Info, Tips & Tricks is a valuable resource for all students at QUT to help you navigate "all things uni".

It contains information & tips for lectures, recordings, research, resources, grades, classes and answers to many questions you might have as a QUT student or things you wish you would have known when you started.

The guide, unofficial QUT info, tips and tricks pdf

Download The Guide: Unofficial QUT Info, Tips & Tricks pdf here



If you have any questions/comments/queries please email foodbank@qutguild.com