Welcome to QUT Guild’s Academic Integrity support modules

The activities in these modules are designed to support you understand some of the main mechanisms of Academic Integrity. To be successful in your academic endeavours it is important that you learn to use these mechanisms effectively. The main mechanisms of Academic Integrity that we will look in each of the subsequent modules are:

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Before we introduce Academic Integrity, let’s look at your current perspective of what it is and what it means to you.

What does Academic Integrity mean to you?

Think about what Academic Integrity means to you and write a response here. Click the Save button to save your answer. Please note your response might lose if you clean the cache in the browser or change a browser.

What does Academic Integrity mean at QUT?

Now that you have thought about what Academic Integrity means to you, it’s time to discover what Academic Integrity means at QUT.

Work through this introductory learning module to get a better understanding of Academic Integrity at QUT.