Supplementary Assessment

Supplementary Assessment

Have you received between 40% and 49% as your final grade for a unit? Don’t worry – you may not have failed just yet.

What is a “supp” (supplementary assessment)?

If you receive a 3 for a unit, the University will give you one last shot at proving to them that you’ve learned enough to pass the unit. You are limited to 2 supps within your final 96 credit points (usually 8 subjects) of a 3 or more year full time degree or only 1 supp in your final 48 credit points (usually 4 subjects) of a less than 3 year full time degree.You can take supps in any subject in your degree, except designated units. For a list of designated units, click here.

A supp is another piece of assessment set by your Unit Coordinator after your final grade comes out. Your Unit Coordinator will choose what form it will take. If you pass this piece of assessment, your grade for the unit will be altered to a 4 on your academic record. If you fail, you will keep the original grade that you achieved. Any supplementary assessments granted prior to Semester One 2013 will not be used to determine future eligibility.

How do I apply for a supp?

When your final results for the subject are released, you will have five days to apply. A link will appear on the Study tab of QUT Virtual under “Unit Results” and this is where you apply.

I have a Review of Grade application outstanding.

You have five days from the outcome of the application to apply for a supp. The link may have disappeared by this time. If it has, you need to contact your faculty explaining why you are applying late, and attach the outcome letter as proof.

I need some help.

If your application for a supp has been rejected unfairly or you have missed the time limit, contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub immediately. We help you prepare an application for a Review of Academic Ruling to make sure that you get the best outcome.