Summer Units

Summer Units

Are you running a bit behind your course progression because you’ve failed units or underloaded? Or are you really keen to graduate ahead of time? Taking units over summer may be the answer for you!

Are all units available?

No, only the units that are specially offered for summer. You can check what units are offered and the timetables for each subject by clicking here. On that page, choose your school and then the summer period.

How are units offered?

It’s completely up to the Unit Coordinator. Sometimes it will be very similar to a usual semester, with classes each week for 13 weeks. Sometimes it will be offered in “intensive” mode. This means that you will ony have around five days of teaching, but they will be longer days.

You will gain a lot of insight as to what assessment you will need to do by checking the unit outline. You can search for unit outlines by clicking here.

How do I pay for a summer unit?

If you’re a Commonwealth Supported student (you put your course fees on HECS), you will need to make further applications. Unfortunately you cannot put summer units on HECS because the Government does not subsidise them. This means you will need to apply for FEE-HELP. To do this, go into your QUT Virtual Study Plan, and click on the “C’wealth Assistance” tab. Select “Submit new form” and choose FEE-HELP.

Summer units will attract the full fees of a subject, instead of the Government subsidising it for you. This means that you will pay around double for a summer unit.

What is FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP is a scheme similar to HECS-HELP. Like HECS-HELP, you don’t have to pay it back until you reach the income threshold. Read through the brochure carefully and take particular note of the loan fee.

I need clarification.

If you need help understanding the summer program, come and see us at the Guild’s Student Rights Hub. We can explain it to you, and refer you to the right parts of the University to make sure that you’re successfully enrolled.