Never Ok is student led campaign against sexual harassment and assault. The QUT Guild believes that every student has the right to feel safe at university.

Harassment and assault can happen on campus, in bars, on public transport or online. Sexual harassment and assault can come from a complete stranger or from someone you know well. Most harassment and assault is unreported. Some people feel embarrassed, or think that they won’t be taken seriously. We believe that you should never have to put up with sexual harassment or assault. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable by another individual.

Our campaign aims to:

  • Educate students and staff about consent, sexual harassment and assault.
  • Increase the visibility of support services so that students know where to go to seek support or make a complaint.
  • Inform bystanders and those who have witnessed sexual harassment on how to take action.
  • To work with students, the university and wider community to bring change to the culture that leads towards sexual harassment and assault.



QUT has policies and procedures if you have experienced sexual harassment:

As students, you have the power to say that sexual harassment is NEVER OK. We are encouraging students to make the pledge here.

This campaign has been inspired by the work of the University of Exeter Students’ Guild and the voices of students across Australia.
This information has been supplied from https://www.neverok.org/never-ok/