Gender & Sexuality

The QUT Student Guild has a strong history representing Women & Queer identifying students on all QUT campuses. We also provide some excellent services for gender and sexuality issues more generally. Whether it is increasing awareness of sex amongst the student body or giving students a space to discuss gender-equality issues, the QUT Student Guild represents all students on all issues.

The executive team are closely involved in what happens on campus. The Gender and Sexuality representatives’ primary role is to work in collaboration with female and queer students to ensure a fair and equitable experience for all QUT students. If you have any sensitive, scary or super embarrassing questions, feel free to contact our Gender and Sexuality VP’s and they will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible!  If you would like to get in contact with the gender and sexuality department, just email:

Student Counselling

QUT offers students free, confidential counselling services that won’t appear on your student records. So please never hesitate to book an appointment! Just click the like below to find out more:

Ally Network

QUT has an Ally network that provides support, services, event information and resources to the LGBTIQ community. Our trained Allies are committed to promoting a safe, inclusive and diverse university.
Find an ally on campus by following this link:

Specialist health Clinics

Free or low-cost health care services can be accessed through QUT specialized health clinics. For more information, visit:

Room Locations

Women’s Rooms

The location of the Womens Rooms are:

  • Women’s Room, C108, QUT Kelvin Grove Campus

Queer Room

The location of the Queer Rooms are:

  • Queer Room, C109, QUT Kelvin Grove Campus
  • Queer Room, X301, QUT Gardens Point Campus