Assessment Rights

Assessment Rights

Do I have rights with what assessment I’m given?

Of course you do! There is policy made by the University surrounding what your Faculty can and can’t do with the assessment they give you.

So what rights do I have?

As a student, you have the following rights:
  • A standard unit includes either two or three summative assessment items.
  • Weightings for each item of assessment must be a whole percent in increments of 5% (eg 45%).
  • The weighting must not be expressed as a range (eg between 30% and 40%).
  • The maximum weighting of an assessment item is 60%.
  • The minimum weighting of an assessment item is 10%.
  • The maximum weighting for the collective component of team work is 50%.

What if my assessment isn’t right?

If you are enrolled in a unit that doens’t follow these guidelines then contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub. We can contact the Faculty to ensure compliance.