Alteration of Results

Alteration of Results

Can I have my final results altered?

Have you thought about submitting a Review of Grade application? Try that first.

If you can’t because the time frame for submitting a Review of Grade application has lapsed, don’t stress! You can still have your grades altered.

If you have been awarded a grade for a unit that you later realise was incorrect or not fair if the relevant circumstances had been taken into account then you can request that the grade be altered.

How do I get my results altered?

Submit a written request to the Dean of the Faculty that explains:

  • The error that has been made; or
  • The exceptional circumstances that if considered at the time would have resulted to an adjusting of your grade.

You need to explain exactly how your circumstances affected your ability to perform academically. You need to do this in detail. For instance, your circumstances might have caused you to miss class. Don’t stop there! Write about how that disadvantaged you; for instance, it might have meant you couldn’t ask your tutors questions when you were confused about course content. Make sure you explain everything that happened to you – be thorough!

The last step is the most important one: documentation. You need to prove that everything you’re saying is true. There’s no such thing as too much as long as it’s relevant. If you were ill, attach medical certificates; if you had a family death, attach the death certificate or funeral book. Make certified copies of all relevant documentation and attach it with your application.

The Dean, then in consultation with the Unit Coordinator or Head of School,will determine the outcome of the review and you will be notified.

If you want your grades changed and need to apply to the University, come and see the Guild’s Student Rights Hub and we can help you write your application.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

You can appeal. Read the Review of Academic Ruling article for more information.