Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing

Can I be granted credit towards my course?

You can get credit towards a QUT course if you already have the skills and knowledge that you would learn in the unit. It would mean that you may not have to complete all the units in your course outline, and you could graduate sooner. This expertise could be gained through formal learning at QUT or another institution or work related experience. This is otherwise known as Advanced Standing.

What if the equivalent units were completed at QUT?

Where you have already completed units at QUT and your course structure has the identical units in them, the University will automatically transfer your results to your new course. This is called “automatic credit” or “designated credit”. You do not need to complete a form. You can see this credit in QUT Virtual in your academic history. They will show up under the heading “Advanced Standing Units”. If you’re unsure how to find your academic history, see the tutorial.

However, if you took a previous version of the course (it’s outdated) or the subject you took doesn’t have the same unit code, you will need to apply for credit.

How do I apply for credit?

QUT Information regarding QUT Advanced standing for students is located at:

How it affects your grade point average (GPA) depends on the type of credit you’re awarded.

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I’m applying for credit for a unit I’ve previously studied.

If you are trying to get credit for units you’ve done at QUT or other institutions, take a look at the course precedence list to get an idea of what units have previously been regarded as equivalent QUT units. If you find exactly what you’re looking for, give the Precedent ID in your application.

If you didn’t find an exact match, you need to collect the relevant documentation to support your claim that you already have the knowledge. Provide original copies or certified copies of official academic transcript or any other relevant documents to show that you’ve completed the unit. You also need to provide the course outline of the unit, to show that it is the same as the unit at QUT. This includes:

  • credit points
  • contact hours
  • aims and objectives
  • texts and references
  • assessment details

The University will then decide if the units are close enough to warrant you being given advanced standing credit.

Are there any time limits in respect to when I did my previous study?

Yes. You cannot obtain credit for units undertaken ten or more years ago unless you can show that your knowledge is still current. Further, in areas where technology and knowledge is changing rapidly, credit for units may not be granted if what you have previously learnt is now out of date, even if it was studied less than ten years ago.

I’m applying for credit for work experience.

The documentation you need to provide is:

  • a detailed resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  • a letter from your employer confirming:
    • your period of employment
    • position(s) held
    • experience that’s relevant to your QUT course, including competency levels reached.
  • evidence of any professional education courses conducted ‘in house’.

You then need to explain how it is relevant to the aims of your course.

When do I need to apply by?

There are census dates for when you need to put in your application by each semester. You can find them on the Student Gateway. Make sure you don’t miss these dates or you may not get your credit in time, or you may have to pay a fee for late submission.

How do I found out the outcome of my application?

  1. Log into QUT Virtual.
  2. Go to the Study tab.
  3. Under Unit Results, click “View my advanced standing outcomes”

International students need to accept the outcome of your application. After you’ve veiwed your results, you will be prompted to accept them.

If you need to change your enrolment when you find the outcome of your application, see Enrolment.

What can I do if my application is unsuccessful?

There are avenues of appeal. Read the Review of Academic Ruling article for more information.

I need help or advice!

If you need any assistance in determining if you qualify for credit or help in deciding what documentation you require, then contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub.

If your application for credit is rejected and you believe it is unfair then contact us so that we can assist you in drafting an appeal against the decision. But make sure you contact us quickly; you have 10 working days from the outcome date to appeal.