Women's Department

Welcome to the QUT Guild’s Women’s Department. This department is made up of the Women’s Officer at the Guild and the Women’s Collective.

The Women’s Officer goals for 2022 is to create an empowered culture for anyone who identified as a woman and to make strides towards gender equality in every aspect of the university. You are always welcomed to contact women@qutguild.com with any questions, concerns or excitements.

The QUT Guild Women’s Collective exists to advocate for female identifying and non -binary students on campus. Our goal is to work to make QUT a safe place, facilitate feminist activism, run campaigns, and host fun events.

The QUT Guild Women’s Department also provides a Women’s room at Kelvin Grove Campus. Located at KG-C214 (below the food court) come and relax, study or socialise in a safer space.


Get Involved

You can join the collective by clicking here or you can follow us Facebook or Instagram. We also have a Linkedin.

If you have any questions about the Women's Collective, feel free to reach out to us at womenscollectivequt@gmail.com.

Volunteers are our greatest source of operational support. They make significant contributions to the assistance and management of our regular campaignsYou can apply to be a volunteer or an executive here.

Current Campaigns

Little Emergencies Program – Our generous volunteers support QUT Guild by preparing and unpackaging pads and tampons for QUT’s cleaning staff to distribute. This allows students to access free pads and tampons from select bathrooms across QUT. Our volunteers notify QUT Guild when stocks are low so a steady supply is always available for students.

Intersectional Women’s Week (7th – 11th March) – The QUT Guild Women’s Department is currently working in establishing a week of celebration for women around the date of International Women’s Day. The theme for this week will be in line
with the UN theme – “Break the bias. Cross arms in solidarity to call out gender bias discrimination and stereotyping. Together we can forge women’s equality”