Womens Officer

Genevieve Hitzke

Hi! My name is Genevieve, though most people call me Gena or Red. I'm a solo musician known as Red Le Clerc and write folk-pop music about mental health and general life struggles. I am currently in my 4th year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, finishing my electives in Indigenous Knowledges and Work Integrated Learning.?  

I initially joined the Guild as a Creative Industries Faculty Councillor in 2019. I wanted to work with staff and students to ensure our arts were being treated equitably, as we're often forgotten in institutional programs. This year I'm excited to expand my passions to focus on Women and Queer students here at QUT. As a queer woman from a low socioeconomic background with mental health and chronic health issues, I feel I can bring a unique perspective to the QUT community. 

In 2021 I aim to create fun and informative events to teach Women important life skills that we stereotypically aren't taught, along with expanding our safe spaces and Little Emergencies program. Gender and race inequality is still very prevalent in our society, which is why I plan to work closely with students to empower our already powerful women at QUT. 

You can contact me at women@qutguild.com.