Hi everyone, I’m Alexandra Marks (but you can call me Alex), and I am the Welfare Officer for the QUT Guild. You can contact me at welfare@qutguild.com or foodbank@qutguild.com.

I am in my final year of my double degree in Human Services and Justice, majoring in Policy and Politics, so I am very passionate about social justice issues and creating change for the better. Hence, why I am excited to be a part of the QUT Guild team.

The Welfare position at the QUT Guild exists to improve QUT student’s student life so that less students struggle with financial, food, and welfare insecurity. This is so QUT students can thrive not just survive, which is my aim during my term. You can see an outline of the current welfare services available from the QUT Guild which I have developed (or assisted in developing) here.

If you have any ideas or initiatives you would like to see please send an email through or swing by the office.

Be well and be kind.