Hey there, I'm Tori! I am the 2022 Treasurer for your student union, QUT Guild.

My role as Treasurer involves all things money, managing data, statistics and spreadsheets! A big part of my role is managing SSAF. SSAF is paid for by students, so I believe students should have a say in how it is spent. Here at the Guild, we use it to enrich your university experience through different programs, clubs & societies, and social sports!

Some of our programs include The Foodbank, academic advocacy, legal advice, and the ‘Little Emergencies’ initiative where bathrooms are stocked with free pads and tampons. Other initiatives create exciting, inclusive events where lifelong friendships are fostered and communities are built.

I've barely scratched the surface of everything we do at the Guild, so I'd love to encourage you to explore our website to find Guild events and services that will enhance your university experience.

I love a good chat, and am always happy to answer any questions! Email me at treasurer@qutguild.com.