Student Rights Vice President

Taylor Thomas

My name is Taylor Thomas, and I am co-Vice President (Student Rights) for 2021! I currently study a dual Law and Business degree, majoring in HR. This year is my sixth at QUT (yep, I’m a veteran) and I wanted to join the Guild to be more involved in the university process and apply some of the knowledge and skills I have gained from such a lengthy university journey. Student Rights is an exciting portfolio to be a part of as we work with students directly to improve their university experience. 

In 2021, the portfolio will continue to priorities student wellness and access. I am looking forward to being a part of initiatives including Academic Advocacy, supporting Student Reps, helping magnify student voices and growing our support services such as the GP & KG Foodbanks and hampers. We will continue to help support students through tough times, particularly during COVID, as we did last year where we were able to work with the QUT on COVID extension policy and SWOTVAC dates.

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