Student Rights Vice President

Sarah Balmer

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Balmer and I am one of the Vice Presidents of Student Rights in 2021. I’m currently studying law part-time at QUT.

I first joined the Guild as one of the Student Rights VPs in March of 2020 just two weeks before lockdown which was pretty hectic. I joined the Guild because I want to make sure students have enough support to thrive during their degrees. For me, the Student Rights portfolio is all about welfare, education and advocacy. So many students suffer with food insecurity, or academic issues, and if I can make things even a little easier for them, then I’ll know I’ve done my job.

For the first half of this year, I worked alongside Taylor, and I’m now working with Alex. Our focuses are on improving the experience of students at university, both through education and welfare. The fight for a quality education has never been more crucial, with COVID-19 forcing universities to reduce their in-person offerings; we must make sure to hold QUT to account. This year, now more than ever we need to be watching carefully to ensure students are getting a quality education. We have so many great initiatives planned, but if any students have any ideas, we’re always open to them.

You can contact me at