Queer Officer

Amy Sargeant

My name is Amy Sargeant, and I'm studying a Doctorate of Philosophy (Creative Practice) at QUT. I'm a protest artist, activist and musician. I am the national convenor of the NTEU's Queer Unionists group, and in 2021 I am your QUT Guild Queer Officer. 

I joined the Guild because I saw our student union as a space where activism and advocacy could be engaged to make meaningful change for students at our university. I'm representing the Queer portfolio because, as a queer individual myself, I am well aware of the ways institutions can fall short in supporting and advocating for us. I am passionate about queer liberation and I'm looking forward to working with our Student Guild to further enact it on and off campus. 

In 2021, I am excited to engage with students directly through Queer and Women's Caucus events, to plot the path forward together. I am excited to turn celebratory events like Pride Month and Wear It Purple Day into opportunities for learning and growth among staff and students. Empowering our QUT Guild Queer Collective is one of my top priorities, and I am excited to help this group grow exponentially this year. At the heart of everything I do is the understanding that, at present, there is gross inequity between queer and non-queer students. This must change.

You can contact me at queer@qutguild.com.