Hi! I'm Oscar Davison, and I'm the President of the QUT Student Guild. You can contact me at president@qutguild.com.

I'm in the final year of my Bachelor of Laws (Honours), and have previously completed a Bachelor of Justice at QUT. I'm deeply concerned about the state of our education and seeking to fix our learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, I was elated to be elected as your President.

As President, it is my responsibility to embody our maxim "make student lives better." My job is to represent student rights and interests to the university in order to make student lives better. I cannot do that without you. The student's voice is the voice of the QUT Guild, so come and have a chat, tell me about your experience at QUT, and we can work to make your life better!

My goals this year include fixing online learning and establishing a central hub for the Guild on the Gardens Point campus. The Guild Hub will allow more students to access our advocacy services and create a communal space for our 160 clubs, including new safe spaces on the Gardens Point campus for our Queer, Women and Abilities students.

And always remember, "G*psy" is a slur, Romani Lives Matter.