Hello, I'm Liya! the 2022 Postgraduate Students Officer for your student union, QUT Guild.

As a representative of a community with a wide range of backgrounds, it is my responsibility to make sure their eclectic views, opinions, desires, needs, and concerns are addressed. The Guild provides such a platform for these students to raise their voices, help this community to enjoy student life to the fullest and guide them through their privileges and make use of potential facilities.

A few programs under development are the ones regarding the Food Bank, events to facilitate networking, guidance on academic rights, and solutions for academic problems. Along with these general events, exciting plans are being coined to encourage students to join their respective societies, the benefits of which are innumerable for them.
Along with timely updates and announcements of each and every event, numerous other services are also being posted on our social media pages and website. It's really great to keep track of our website for more information and it will help in building up an eventful Uni life.

I'd love to have a good chat; you guys can reach me at postgrad@qutguild.com. I'd be happy to answer any queries, attend to any concerns, or even talk about the weather.