International Officer

Rodo Nguyen

Hello hello, my name is Rodo and I am in the second year of my Information Technology Bachelor Degree. Right now, software engineering is probably my favorite field. I have come to the Guild with a mere goal of improving international students' wellbeing here in QUT. As an international student myself, I think I can understand and empathize well with others who find it difficult to start a new journey in a completely different country. 

Facilitating international students' lives at their initial stage in Australia will be my first priority. Following that, as international students settle in and new semester begins, various social events for both domestic and international students will be organized throughout the year so that students can immerse themselves in a multicultural environment and make new friends. And I believe there are far more hidden benefits when you start to widen your network and maximize these opportunities.   

That is my goals for 2021. If you are reading this and interested in what I am doing, thank you so much and stay tuned. And. I am more than open to hear your ideas, feedbacks, or even the struggles you have while studying in Australia. 

You can contact me at