Media Editor (Glass)

Ella Brumm

Hi my name is Ella and I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Justice. I have no specific idea of what I want to do once I finish, and that’s perfectly fine by me. I have figured out which areas interest me, including women’s rights, constitutional law and consumer law. These will likely change throughout the next (hopefully) 2.5 years if I finish my degree “on time”, but it’s a starting point, nonetheless.

I am currently one of the four editors of the QUT Glass magazine. I joined the Guild at the end of 2020 to be involved within a workplace of like-minded people, where I can represent students and inspire positive change. I am representing the media portfolio so I can inform students about issues that affect their uni experience while also creating an outlet for students’ work to be recognised. 

This year, I want Glass to become a diverse publication that produces varying types of submissions from a range of faculties. Additionally, I would love to see the editorial team produce strong, informative pieces about issues that affect students. I hope to increase student engagement and participation through our online site by posting easy-to-read satirical articles on our social media, which will ideally create more interest in our print magazine. I am also excited to create long-form journalistic pieces that will keep students up to date about issues within QUT and the wider community. 

You can contact me at