Clubs and Societies Officer

Zoe Davidson

Hi there! I’m Zoe Davidson, the Clubs & Societies Officer!

I’m just about finished my dual Business and Education degree, majoring in advertising and secondary maths (yes, you are correct… a very odd mix!).

I have always loved community-based work. Being someone who can bring people together, celebrate their successes and find unique opportunities to grow, gives me so much joy.

With 160 clubs at QUT, it’s my job to ensure that 30,000 students involved (being over 60% of the student population), have the strength and knowledge to provide safe, inclusive, and supportive environments for their members. With clubs ranging from faculty to international, sporting, religious or special interest, there is certainly a club for everybody… and if there’s not, you can always start your own!

If you’d like to have a chat, please contact me at!