Disability Officer

Anne Kelley

I'm Anne Kelley, and I am the Disability Officer for the QUT Guild. You can contact me at disability@qutguild.com to get help with things such as your Disability Support Plan, learning about resources available to you, or even just to get in touch and seeing how you can be a part of the community. 

I am currently studying Fine Arts, Visual Arts, with a major in Japanese languages. I've come back to university after working in a multitude of positions, which gave me an insight into how the professional world deals with people who need differing accessibility requirements, including my own.

The Disability Officer position is here to help bridge the knowledge gap between services that are available, along with providing advocacy and support when using these resources. I also hope to create a gentle and welcoming community, that understands while you may not be able to attend every event, you are supported.

If you have any questions, queries, or suggestions, please let me know. I am always open for a chat, via your chosen method of communication.