Environment Department

The Environment Collective is a student group dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability through campus events, initiatives, and more!


Get Involved

There are many ways for students to get involved with the Collective. To start off, the Collective can be found on Facebook at QUT Environment Collective. The Collective has fortnightly meetings on Tuesdays at GP. For more information, such as times and locations, contact the Facebook page!


Current Campaigns

The Environment Collective runs weekly Eco Hubs at both, Kelvin Grove and Garden’s Point, campuses alternating each week, selling affordable, fresh, local produce and cheap second-hand clothes (donated by students!). The Collective also organises environmental activism on campus through various events (such as movie nights and clean up days), and through other initiatives (such as Eco Hub).


Environment Handbook

This eBook is all about waste, what it is, how to reduce it and why you should.

It's a handy guide that can explain, clarify and reinforce the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle.

As students, we acknowledge how important it is to be budget and time-conscious. As
a result, we have ensured that this guide is affordable and easy to follow.

Download a copy of the Environment Handbook here.