The wonderful world of Harry Potter has come to life… in muggle form! QUT Quidditch is a fun hang out for people of all sports (and magic) capabilities, and all areas of studies at uni. Anyone can join – witches, wizards, squibs and muggles are all welcomed! We’re dedicated to having a magical time at uni by providing regular social events throughout the year, including quidditch games, trivia nights, and a yule ball. So bring your wand, and we’ll bring the magic!

This semester, we’ll be hosting quidditch games on Fridays at 3pm in the Botanic Gardens. We don’t fly, but there are broomsticks, and we still score points by throwing the quaffle through the hoops, and we still have a fun game. Become chasers, beaters, goal keepers and seekers to score for your team!



Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/QUT.Quidditch/

Tumblr: http://qutquidditch.tumblr.com/