QUT Hiking


QUT Hiking is for members who enjoy hiking in the outdoors whilst getting fit and chatting to friends. We welcome all fitness levels whether currently undertaking study or not. Students from any university, TAFE or college are invited to be a part of QUT Hiking. Members are welcome to bring friends to QUT Hiking events.

When and where:
During semester:
Taking into account study commitments and members who work on weekends, we offer a 1.5-3 hour hike once a fortnight to occur on the weekend and/or on Wednesday (depending on interest). These hikes will be relatively close to Brisbane on the north side for example D’Aguilar National Park and on the south side such as Toohey Forest or Venman Bushland National Park.

During uni holidays:
Hiking events will vary in length from half and full days to a few days long once a fortnight (depending on interest) to sites with more travel time such as the Glass House Mountains or Lamington National Park.

The grade of all hikes vary from easy to hard with the time of day to be decided on availability of members. The above instructions on when events take place is a general guide and will be subject to change during peak assessment periods. Suggestions for where hiking events occur are welcome and should be posted on the ‘Hiking Suggestions Forum’ under the events tab on the Facebook group or emailed to leaders@quthiking.com 

What to bring:
Specific items will be suggested for each hiking event but basic items are half a litre of water per hour of hiking, sun protection, comfortable shoes, first-aid kit and insect repellent as well as rain protection and a torch or headlamp where necessary.

Members are encouraged to carpool to the hiking sites. Please use the Facebook group or send an email (leaders@quthiking.com) to say if you need a lift or if you are driving with how many seats you have spare. Depending on the number of passengers in the vehicle, it is encouraged to offer fuel money to the driver.

There is no membership fee as QUT Hiking is not affiliated with the Guild hence the group has no insurance and hikers participate at their own risk.


Email: leaders@quthiking.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/298643806910932/