Special Consideration

Special Consideration

Have you had circumstances beyond your control that have affected your ability to undertake your assessment? If so, you may qualify for special consideration.

What is special consideration?

It means that the marker will take into account your individual situation when marking your assessment. If you end up quite close to a higher grade, the marker may decide to upgrade your mark in light of your circumstances.

The University is looking for circumstances beyond your control that caused you to be unable to perform to your potential. This could be illness, a death in the family, psychiatric conditions, etc.

You need to write a personal statement about how your circumstances affected your ability to perform academically. You need to do this in detail. For instance, illness might have caused you to miss class. Don’t stop there! Write about how that disadvantaged you; for instance, it might have meant you couldn’t ask your tutors questions when you were confused about course content.

Then you need to prove to the University that everything you’re saying is true. There’s no such thing as too much as long as it’s relevant. Take your original documents along with you when you hand your application and they will make copies for you.

How do you apply?

You need to hand in a Special Consideration (SPE) form, with your personal letter and evidence, to the Student Centre. You need to submit this application either before the due date of your assessment, or up to three working days afterwards.

I’m thinking about applying.

If you think you’re going to make an application, come and see the Guild’s Student Rights Hub. We can help you put it together so that you get the best outcome.

My application was rejected.

You can appeal this decision. Read the Review of Academic Ruling article for more information.