Summer Sport FAQs

How long will the summer season run?

The season will run for 8 weeks. This is made up of 6 regular rounds and 2 finals rounds.


What are the dates for the summer season?

October 19 - December 11.


What times will the games be played?

Games for all competitions take place between 6-10pm. The four game time slots are 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm. Each team will get a mix of early and late games. There will be a bye if there is an uneven number of teams in the competition.


What sports are on offer?
  • Monday Mixed & Women’s Netball
  • Monday Mixed Touch Footy
  • Wednesday Mixed Volleyball
  • Thursday Mixed & Men’s Soccer


Where are the games played?

Netball - Downey Park Netball Association - Northey St & Green Terrace, Windsor.

Soccer & Touch Footy - QUT Kelvin Grove Stadium - Sports Lane off Herston Road.

Volleyball - QUT Kelvin Grove Indoor Court - 44 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove.


How much does the summer season cost?

The summer season is FREE for current QUT students. This does not apply to students from other universities or members of the public.  


How do I register as an individual player for the summer season?

Individual registrations for the summer season are open to current QUT students.

Individuals will be required to enter their student number when registering online and attach a photo of their student ID. Non QUT students cannot sign up for the summer season.

Register here:


How do I register a team?

A team must be comprised of more than 50% current QUT students to register for our summer season.

Example: If a soccer team has 10 players, at least 6 of those players must be current QUT students to register.

After completing the registration form, the Team Captain must send a photo of each players student ID in one document to the Sports Coordinator at The team will not be allocated into the competition until this has been done.

Register here:


How many players can I have on my team?

Netball/Soccer/Volleyball teams can register a maximum of 12 players of which 7 must be current QUT students.

Touch Footy teams can register a maximum of 14 registered players of which 8 must be current QUT students.

Teams must have more than 50% students playing in each game.


What If a game gets washed out?

Games will not be rescheduled if they are cancelled due to poor weather. We will email Team Captains and post on the QUT Guild Facebook page by 4pm on the day. It is the Team Captains responsibility to notify their teammates if games are cancelled.


I am not a QUT student, can I sign up for the summer season?

Only current QUT students can sign up as an individual for the summer season.


Most of my team are not QUT students, can we just pay to play?

Teams must consist of more than 50% current QUT students. Teams made up of entirely or majority non-student players will not be able to sign up for the summer season.  

Example 1: A netball team with 10 players, of which 6 are current QUT students can play in the summer season.

Example 2: A netball team with 10 players, of which 4 are current QUT students cannot play in the summer season.