Amnesty International’s QUT Club has celebrated a fantastic year full of campaigning to protect human
rights around the globe. Our group strives to raise awareness of social justice issues on a grass roots level
by promoting Amnesty International’s campaigns on and off campus. So far this year we were involved in
a variety of campaign events such as Movie nights, BBQs, letter writing, vigils, and much more. These
are to raise awareness for Amnesty’s global campaigns, whether they be to protect the rights of women in
Afghanistan or campaigns closer to home such as those in support of Indigenous Australians or vulnerable
asylum seekers on our shores. We are a passionate and active group who have a vision of a world in
which every person enjoys all of their human rights. With Australia’s current unjust asylum seekers
policies and high incarceration rates of young Indigenous Australians, we welcome new and old students
to come along and make an impact.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmnestyInternationalQUT