Save QUT Sport

QUT Sport was created by students for students. We want to make sure it stays that way.

Currently the University is circulating a proposal to take QUT Sport away from QUT Guild, and instead run it themselves through the Student Support Services department.

If they get their way, they’ll use your money through the student tax, SSAF, to duplicate services that you already get for free.

QUT Guild has provided a response to this proposal refusing to give away QUT Sport. We know what students want, and we know how to deliver it without bureaucracy getting in the way.

In the past 2 years, we’ve grown social sports from two badly attended competitions to seven, with over 1000 students participating. We’ve reaffiliated our competitive clubs and given them the support they deserve, and sent record numbers to University Games.

Sport is stronger than ever at QUT – we won the Northern University Games for the first time this year.

QUT Guild wrote a proposal to the University last year seeking a partnership to strengthen sport at QUT. They refused us, and we’ve done the hard yards ourselves. Now that we’re established, QUT want to take it off us.

They’ve written a proposal that takes our comments out of context, and seeks to ensure people that we support this change. We do not. We’ve seen firsthand University bureaucracy get in the way of core service provision – and we will not allow this to happen to QUT Sport.

Have you heard about the Sports Carnival that QUT were to run earlier this semester? No? We’re not surprised. QUT tried to run a sporting event for the benefit of our netball club, The Whips. They mismanaged the marketing and cancelled the event on the day due to lack of interest.

They had their shot and proved they can’t do it. Don’t let the University take sport away from students. Only QUT Guild has the track record to run sport the way you want – and continue to fund it to ensure that it only gets better from here.

To have your say on both the proposal and the response, email