Reporting On Campus

QUT has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual assault and is proactive in its commitment to creating an inclusive study and work environment, free from harassment, discrimination and bullying. If you are sexually assaulted or harassed whilst studying at QUT, whether on or off campus, know that assistance is available. 

The University has Equal Opportunity and Grievance policies in place to report an incident on campus, in line with State and Federal legislation. Counsellors and Grievance Officers are trained to provide confidential support and information in the event of discrimination, sexual harassment and/or sexual assault. These staff members are professionally trained and will provide guidance by the outlining your options and supporting you with whatever decision you make, which may include making a formal complaint. Whether you decide to report the incident or not, these staff will respect your decision. Student Counselling can provide continued support including counselling and assistance to negotiate your studies. 

Please note that your information will remain confidential, however, there are some circumstances where it may become necessary to disclose some information. These include if you are at risk to yourself, there is risk to others or it involves a person under the age of 16. 


Disclosure and Reporting of Sexual Harassment and Assault

  • Reports can be made to Campus Security on 3138 8888 or Student Counselling on 3138 2699 (GP) 3138 3488 (KG). Visit for more information.
  • If you’re not comfortable going straight to the university, the QUT Guild provides a free and independent advocacy service in its Student Assist department. Student Assist can help you submit a complaint to the university on your behalf.
  • Students can report directly to police regarding a sexual assault or harassment, with or without informing the University. Call 131 444, or 000 in case of emergencies.
  • Students can also report directly to external counselling service DVConnect Sexual Assault Helpline, call 1800 010 120.

What happens next?

  • A Counsellor will discuss the range of options available and support the actions the student wishes to take – whether it’s raising concerns, or proceeding with a formal report – as per the University’s Grievance Procedures. If appropriate, a Counsellor or QUT Guild Student Assist may attend appointments as a support person and also look at the impact of the situation on their study (advocate for extensions). 
  • Student Assist or a university Counsellor will communicate with the student in the manner they prefer – in person, by phone or by email. We’ll update the student on progress and what you can expect, including potential outcomes. 

For urgent matters

  • If you or someone you know is subject to an on-campus incident, QUT security staff are available 24/7 3138 8888. 
  • Reports are confidential. 
  • Life threatening and criminal incidents can also be reported to police by dialling 000. 

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