Readmission After Exclusion

Readmission After Exclusion

I was excluded. How do I get readmitted?

Information on how to return to study can be found here:

In your readmission personal statement you must be able to show that what caused you to underperform academically has been resolved. For example if the reason for your unsatisfactory performance was ill health you need to show that that this will no longer hinder your studies by providing a letter from your doctor confirming this.  If the exclusion was due to personal reasons such as a relationship breakdown you have to show that you have moved on and you are now in the right frame of mind to study.   You will however need to provide documentary evidence to prove this such as a letter from a counsellor. Give as much documentation as you can to support your statements.

The University also likes to see evidence of academic rehabilitation.  That is proof that you are now able to handle the rigours of study.  This can best be done by undertaking and completing a course of study during your absence from the University such as a TAFE program.

If you wish you can submit the readmission application online:

International students should complete this form if they wish to submit the application online: