QUT Pasifika Association


The QUT Pasifika Association (QUTPA) represents more than 20 nations in the Pacific. Although separated by region into three different groups (Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia), we are a unified ‘ONENESIA’ student association.

 As an affiliated association with the Queensland University of Technology, our objectives are to:


–       Provide a comfortable environment for all Pasifika students to network and ultimately support one another through university

–       Create awareness of the different cultures within Pasifika (Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian)

–       Motivate students to get involved in community

–       Encourage the balance between all aspects of university life: academic, social and cultural

–       Break the negative stereotypes that have been linked to Pacific Islanders in relation to higher education

–       Be the voice and raise important issues affecting our Pacific Islands


Email: qutpasifika@outlook.com

Website: www.qutpa.com

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/qutpa

 Twitter: @qutpasifika

 Instagram: @qutpasifika