Probation is an academic sanction on your record, and indicates you need to improve your academic performance.

Why would I be placed on probationary enrolment?

You will be placed on probationary enrolment if:
  • you achieve a GPA of less than 3 or lower in one semester; or
  • you fail a unit which you have failed before; or
  • you fail a designated unit.

Designated units include professional experience units and units requiring certain personal qualities. You can find a list of designated units online at the Student Gateway.

What should I do if I am placed on probationary enrolment?

Once you are notified by the Registrar that you have been placed on probationary enrolment you should make an appointment with your Course Coordinator to discuss your future progress. This way you can get help to perform better in your studies.

If you do not start to do better, you may be eligible for exclusion, so be careful!

If you believe that your marks are not satisfactory due to adverse circumstances outside of your control, come and see the Guild’s Student Rights Hub and we may be able to assist you.

Can I take leave while I’m on probation?

You can still take leave, however it’s like your probation has been suspended. When you return you will return to the same conditions on your enrolment, and you will serve out the rest of your probation term when you come back. See our article on Leave of Absence to find out how to apply.