Physics Society


We of the Physics Society are (not unexpectedly, perhaps) enthusiastic about physics. All who are similarly inclined are invited to join and share in our enthusiasm!

With a combination of events and services, the society offers members a variety of ways to engage. Our inaugural semester began with a public lecture in Orientation Week, introducing physics and its study at QUT to interested first year students, and was followed by screenings of episodes from Carl Sagan’s classic television series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, throughout the semester. We have also offered for sale amusing ‘I LOVE PHYSICS’ badges, and served our members’ academic needs by providing free-to-use study rooms, excellent for those difficult times of high-traffic in the library.

Our plans for the future include further screenings of Cosmos and other documentaries, and a continuation of our study room service. More excitingly, we hope to begin exploring the night sky during astronomy sessions, organise the design and sale of physics-themed T-shirts, and arrange membership cards providing access to discounts and other benefits courtesy of local businesses.

To receive further information and news of future events, join the QUT Physics Society group on Facebook.