Aerospace Society


The QUT Aerospace Society (QUT Aero) is a student-based society, which was formed in collaboration with the Aerospace Faculty in QUT. We aim to both spread the passion of Aerospace to all whom are interested (from all faculties) and to help students have hands on experience and likeminded people to talk to.

Since our founding in 2014, QUT Aero is proud to have hosted several Aerospace centred industry networking events for QUT and with other societies such as the Royal Aeronautical Society Australia Division (RAeS), and the Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA).

We provide aerospace events where members get hands on building fixed wing or multirotor (eg. quadcopter) aircraft. Members also get the experience to learn how to fly in both a simulator environment and in the real world. Members get to experience the feeling of piloting a manned aircraft through SEFs Dynamic Flight Simulator. These are only a few opportunities that we have on offer.

We are always pushing ourselves in knowledge and experience by attempting more and more challenging projects. In 2017 we started our attempt at the UAV Challenge and we continue to develop the advanced platform which aims to further establish the Society’s UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) capabilities.