QUT Trading and Investment Club


QUT Trading and Investment Club (QUTTIC) is a student run club which provides its members with knowledge in how to trade and invest in financial markets. The club also hosts industry professionals to provide networking opportunities, to develop corporate relationships. The club achieves these goals by holding regular educational seminars and social events to benefit its member interactions.

The club also has an internal group called the council which is made up of the elite and most passionate traders and investors. The council is split into various areas of interests such as Equities, Currencies, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. The council meet once per week over the internet or face to face to discuss potential trade opportunities in their respected area.

The club strives to educate those with a passion in financial markets as well as inspire others to trade and invest. The club also offers a great opportunity as a networking group for like-minded students to grow and evolve as better traders and investors.