QUT Solar Energy Scientific Society


About Us

QUT Solar Energy Scientific Society is a student society that is affiliated by a group of PhD students who are interested in solar energy and photovoltaic technology. The main aim of this society is to build bridges between science and engineering students and researchers who are working on different topics in the field on photovoltaic technology and solar energy.

Membership is open to QUT students. Associate membership is open to non-Students and academics.

The aims and objectives of the society are:

Promote collaboration between different research groups working on photovoltaic topics: from device to solar power plants.

Provide a data base for researches to share their facilities and ideas.

Facilitate relationship with industries.

Enhance collaboration between Australian research institutes and QUT.

Provide industry experience and internship opportunities for students.

QUT-SESS Activities:

Providing memberships to students and research scholars

Organizing social events and casual meetings for members

Organizing internal workshops, talks and meetings and encouraging scientific activities and trying to organize annual symposium in the field of photovoltaic technology.

Inviting people from research centres outside QUT and industry section for short talks and workshops in QUT.

Introducing students to the companies for internship and summer vacation programs.

Organizing site visits from solar facilities, research centres and production lines.

Having monthly/ seasonal bulletin, twitter and LinkedIn official page to give updates on recent progress in the field of solar energy and photovoltaic technology.

Aligning the society with bigger national organizations



General Inquiries: solar-ess@qut.edu.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/QUTSESS

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qutsess