Grade Review

More info on Grade Reviews

I’m not happy with my final unit grade. Can I do anything about it?

You can review your grade by following this 3-step process:

Step 1: Informal Consultation

Go through the unit assessment with your unit coordinator and find out why you received the mark you did. Tell them why you are unhappy with your grade. You have the right to initiate step 2 if you still aren’t satisfied with your grade.

Step 2: School-Level Review

Submit a School Level Review (RGS) form with HiQ. You have 10 working days to do so, counting from the day final grades are released for the unit. You must justify why you deserve a higher grade for the unit by going through the assessment and linking it back to a higher grade in the CRA. This is reviewed by the Head of School. QUT will automatically decline RGS applications that mention any of the following:

  • “unmarked work (this should be addressed through informal consultation)
  • you were close to receiving a higher grade
  • the effect of a failed unit on the length of your course
  • you believe your work warranted a higher mark
  • undertaking an overload of units in the teaching period
  • circumstances covered by special circumstances
  • issues with the learning outcomes or the assessment methods
  • grades received by other students
  • penalties imposed following misconduct.”[1]

Your assignment will be re-marked by an independent marker. You may receive a lower grade, unaltered grade, or a higher grade. You should receive the outcome within 14 days.

Step 3: Faculty-level Review

Submit a Faculty Level Review (RGF) to HiQ if you are unhappy with the outcome of the School Level Review. You have 5 working days to do so, counting from the day you received this outcome. Keep in mind that QUT will not send your assessment off to be re-marked for a second time. At faculty level, the university is simply checking that due process was followed when your RGS application was considered. It’s important to explain why the school level review outcome was unsatisfactory. At this stage, you can include additional evidence or arguments. This is reviewed by a faculty review committee. Those who reviewed your application at school level are not allowed sit on this committee.  


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