Field Trips

Field Trips

Can QUT force me to go on a field trip?

Yes. QUT regards field trips as being an essential component of many courses and as such may make you attend as part of your course requirements.

Can QUT force me to pay for a field trip?

The University can only charge for certain parts of a field trip.

The only things that can be charged for:
  • food
  • transport
  • accommodation

but only if you have the option of finding an alternative for yourself.

Examples of things that cannot be charged for:
  • Things that enhance your learning, such as the cost of having a specialist or expert in the particular area conduct the trip.
  • Things that are required to complete assessment requirements, such as manuals or worksheets for the trip.

If you think that you’re being unfairly charged for field trip related expenses, contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub for help. We can tell you whether or not the charge is, in fact, illegal.

If we think it is illegal, we will advocate to the University to have the fee abolished, or other arrangements made.