Fee Refunds

Fee Refunds

This article applies only to students who pay upfront for their courses. If you use HECS-HELP to defer your course fees and you withdraw before the census date, the cost of the unit will never be charged to you.

I withdrew before census date or overpaid my fees.

If you have already paid for your course and you withdraw before census date, or you have accidentally overpaid your fees, you can apply to get your money back.

I’m an Australian or New Zealand student.

If you are an Australian citizen or hold a permanent visa, or are a New Zealand citizen, you need to submit an Application for Student Fee Refund (SFR) form to the Student Centre. You will need to explain why you should get a refund.

I’m an international student.

You will need to submit an Application for Student Fee Refund (international students) (IR) form to the Student Centre. You will need to explain why you should get a refund.

What happens after you apply?

If your application is successful, QUT will contact you within 14 days to provide bank account details.

You can have your refund paid into an Australian or overseas bank account, or transferred to another Australian university or institution.

If you do not provide bank account details, or you do not wish for your refund to be deposited into a bank, a cheque will be mailed to your current mailing address.

What happens if the University denies your application?

There are appeal processes. Read the Review of Academic Ruling article for more information. Contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub if you need help appealing.

I withdrew after census date.

Generally, you will not get your money refunded unless you can demonstrate that there were exceptional circumstances. Read about Withdrawal Without Academic/Financial Penalty for more information.