Our core common goals are to establish a community between electrical engineering students and university as a whole. We aim to help develop events that benefit students, both in a career and social sense. Creating stronger relationships between students, academic staff and the wider community will help make university a better place for all involved.

Mission Statement:

To provide electrical engineering students and those considering studying electrical engineering at the Queensland University of Technology opportunities to assist their educational and social involvement with their peers, the university and industry with a multitude of organised events which are electrical engineering oriented and are differentiated by their open, friendly nature.

· We strive to provide not only a strong foundation in theoretical skills but also hands on project based learning with a variety of in house electronics projects aimed at improving design skills and teamwork.

We strive to:

· Create an environment at QUT where there are more social activities electrical engineering students can participate in, that are tailored to the interests of electrical engineers.
· Promote electrical engineering throughout the university, focusing on making first year students aware of the diversity of the electrical engineering field.
· Support QUT electrical engineering students by providing easily accessible educational resources and running peer assisted learning sessions, as well as providing opportunities for interaction with industry-based representatives to assist the transition from the university to post-graduate work.


President – Jerry Luck

Vice President – David Petrie

Secretary – Lachlan Cesca

Treasurer – Thomas Wagner

Education Officer – Khuslen Baatarsukh

Project Manager – Nathan Perkins

Grants and Funding Officer – Wade Jensen

Event Manager – Gavin McDowell

Community Officer – Nathan Hui

Chief Returning Officer – Sam Cunningham-Nelson

Project Leader (Spark) – Jerry Luck

Project Leader (Flash) – Shaun Karran

Project Leader (Storm) – Blake Fuller

Project Leader (Stratosphere Balloon) – Joshua Morotti




Website: http://www.quteess.com/

Email: contact@quteess.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QUTEESS