QUT Accountancy Students’ Association (QUTASA) promotes the social, academic and professional development of our members. We create opportunities for you to connect with potential employees, encourage personal development beyond accounting and host ridiculously fun social events to promote a well-rounded university experience. We are extremely proud to say our rapidly growing member base can account (yes, we couldn’t resist the pun opp.) on us to assist them through their degrees and development into accounting professionals.

Whoever says accounting is boring has obviously not experienced QUTASA. We give insight into firms and the wider industry. We provide you with social events enabling you to make both contacts and great friends. We give you the opportunity to gain that desired edge against your peers. Boring? We know not.

To put it simply, with us the balanced university experience is easier than a trial balance. So make sure to keep your ears peeled and eyes open for all our fantastic events, if you too want to make the best of your time at QUT. It’s your choice, profit… or loss.


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