Med Rad

Hey there babydolls,

Pop Quiz.

Are you a university student?

Do you enjoy making great life choices?

Can you relate to the phrase – “Alcohol- Because no great story started with someone eating a salad?”

If you answered ‘absolutely!’ to any of one of the above, then MedRad is the social club for you!

There is no denying MedRad is the most radical of all social clubs in Brisbane, fact. Pumping out some of the best events in QUT history such as the infamous scrub crawl, the tequila infused Mexican Pub Crawl, and the legendary Launch Party, MedRad is the BIGGEST social club at QUT.

From our humble beginning as a bunch of rowdy Medical Radiation students in search of a good time, our anticipated antics and oh so sweet deals have earnt us an ever expanding reputation. Not just limited to us Radiation rascals, we are comprised of members from all facilities around campus, from creative industry kids to business school bros.

Now it has been rumoured that MedRad members hold with them a card of solid gold. I’d like to state for the record that this is almost true, as this card is literally worth its weight in gold! Essentially this card acts as your key to the city, unlocking serious discounts from food stalls on campus to the majority of popular nightlife destinations in Brisbane. I mean we are talking sweet deals on Boost, Greenbean, Burger Urge, Oh Hello, Birdees, The Fox, and the list goes on. Possessing this card on your birthday gives you over $120 worth of bar tabs on that night from various venues and that isn’t even the beginning. But if these absolutely amazing all year round deals aren’t tickling your fancy, wait until you hear about the MedRad parties.

With MedRad’s renowned reputation for putting together a great little shindig, we play host to some major events throughout the year, including;

  1. Launch Party: With a bar tab to rival all and a venue that doesn’t disappoint, there is no better way to kick off the year than in a true loosey goose fashion.
  2. Scrub Crawl: One of the most anticipated nights on the MedRad social calendar, where all students unite for a battle of strength, agility, endurance, and gastrointestinal mucosal integrity.
  3. Mexican Pub Crawl: Gather your amigos, dust off that sombrero and man-scape that moustache in preparation for the biggest and best fiesta in town.
  4. The MedRad Ball: After barely surviving another year of late night cramming and last minute assignment submission, there is no better way to celebrate then dressing in your finest threads and having a ball of a time.
  5. Social Sports: So you want to give your liver a break for a while and instead get physical. No problemo! We got you covered. With MedRad teams in social sports such as Touch, Netball, Volleyball and Soccer, you’ll be in fine form in no time.

So how do I make the best decision of my entire life? Good question, glad you asked. Find our stall at O-week and market week or add us to redefine your social experience at QUT and become the most radical kid on campus.