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Your Vote Matters

We encourage all students to vote for candidates who have your best interests at heart.


How to nominate for a position


to the online voting portal


Official Declaration Documents

Elections Timeline

Q&A Session

Aug 2024

Nominations Open

Sep 2024

Nominations Close

Sep 2024

Nomination Briefings

Early Oct 2024
Attendance is compulsory

Campaigning Period

Oct 2024

Online Voting Period

Mid-late Oct 2024


Nominations open in September 2024. Students can nominate for positions within the:

  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Board of Executives
  • Media Team
  • National Union of Students Delegates

Below are the responsibilities of each role.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee’s primary job is to advocate for student rights, devise and implement student-focused initiatives and focus on policy to improve student life. They are paid to work a set number of hours each fortnight. Below are the position descriptions for each member of the SRC.




Welfare Officer

Education Officer

Engagement Officer

Clubs and Societies Officer

Queer Officer

Women’s Officer

Environment Officer

Disability Officer

First Nations Officer

International Students Officer

Postgraduate Students Officer

Faculty Councillors

Faculty Councillors are responsible for representing the views of students enrolled in their faculty.

  • Science Councillor (2 positions)
  • Engineering Councillor (2 positions)
  • Business and Law Councillor (2 positions)
  • Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice Councillor (2 positions)
  • Health Councillor (2 positions)

Faculty Councillor Responsibilities

Councilors shall be responsible for:

  • Representing the views of students enrolled in their faculty to the SRC.
  • Liaising with relevant members of the executive committee regarding issues of students enrolled in their faculty.
  • Circulating information from the guild and promoting the guild and its services amongst students enrolled in their faculty.
  • Monitoring issues of students enrolled in their faculty both within the guild and the university and advising the executive committee and the SRC on developments and needs in this area.
  • Filling any Guild positions on QUT faculty specific boards or committees.
  • Liaising with QUT faculty staff on behalf of the guild and students.
  • Acting in accordance with the constitution and regulations.
  • Carrying out such other duties from time to time that may be prescribed by the SRC.
  • Councilors shall be entitled to use Guild sources that are necessary to enable them to carry out their duties pursuant to the constitution and regulations.

The Board*

The Board is a team of individuals who have been elected or appointed to govern the business and operations of the Guild. Membership of the board is comprised of six elected students (including the President and former President), the Guild General Manager and two independent Board members (one alumnus of the university and one business, community or educational representative) who are appointed by the Board.

  • Student Representative Members (2 positions)

Media Team*

  • Media Editor(s) 1 role that can be shared between up to 5 people

*The Board and the Media Team are separate from the SRC, therefore, they cannot run on or foster support from an electoral ticket.

National Union of Students (NUS) Delegate

  • QUT Student Representatives (7 positions available)

Official Declarations

Final Declaration of Poll – Nov 2023 QUT Guild Annual Elections 2023

Final Declaration of Poll – Nov 2022 QUT Guild Annual Elections 2022

Final Declaration of Poll – Oct 2020 QUT Guild Annual Elections 2020

Declaration of Poll – Mar 2020 QUT Guild Re-Election

Final Declaration of Poll – 2019 QUT Guild Annual Elections