What is a disability?

The term “disability” includes something as minor and temporary as breaking your wrist, or something chronic such as cancer or mental health issues. If you have something to do with your health impeding your studies, make sure you claim what you’re entitled to!

If you are temporarily or permanently disabled, you have the right to assistance and alternative arrangements so that you are not disadvantaged compared with other students.

How do I go about organising these arrangements?

You should make an appointment with QUT’s Disabilities, along with the Guild’s Student Rights Hub. We can accompany you to these meetings to make sure that you get the best outcome.

You should bring along as much supporting evidence of your disability as you can to your meeting with Disabilities. They will assess your need and create a recommendation for your Faculty. This recommendation is called a Disabilities Action Plan, and will contain information about what they think is appropriate for you to learn easily at QUT.

What am I entitled to?

Support services
  • Access to assistive technology labs around QUT
    • These have special hardware and software that may make your study easier.
  • Alternative formatting of course materials
    • For instance, translation into Braille
  • Arranging note taking for lectures and/or tutorials
  • Assistive hearing technology
    • Larger lecture rooms may be equipped with specialised technology and Disabilities can help you access this
  • Ensuring physical access to rooms

Assessment variation

For variations in assessment techniques Disabilities may do any of the following:
  • Extra time for examinations or assignments;
  • Use of specialised equipment in exams; and/or
  • Assistance such as a writer, reader, sign interpretier or aid.

How we can help you.

If you have an appointment with Disabilities, we can come along with you. We can help ensure that you bring everything you need along and make it seem a little less scary. Contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub if you would like a little bit of help.