Deferred Exams

Deferred Exams

When can I apply for a deferred exam?

If you are can’t sit your exam because you’re ill or for other exceptional circumstances then you can apply for a deferred examination.

How do I go about applying for a deferred exam?

You need to fill in a Deferred Examination (DEF) form and hand it in to the Student Centre.

You must submit this form before or within three days of the exam along with documentation supporting your circumstances.

If this is a medical certificate, it must state:
  • the date on which the practitioner examined you;
  • the nature severity and duration of the complaint; and
  • that, in the doctor’s opinion, you were not fit to sit for an examination on that day.

The doctor’s statement should be on a surgery letterhead or on the formatted medical certificate printed on the reverse side of the application form. A statement that you were simply not fit for duty will not be adequate.

If you are applying for a different reason other than sickness, you must submit a statutory declaration or other relevant documentation stating the disability or exceptional circumstance that prevented you from sitting the exam on that day.

If you need help handing in this application contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub and we can help you.

My request for a deferred exam was denied!

Have a look at the Review of Academic Ruling article if you’re denied a deferred exam and you think it is unfair. The Guild’s Student Rights Hub can help you prepare this to get the best outcome for you.