Cross-Institutional Study

Cross-Institutional Study

What is it?

Cross-institutional study is where you take units at another University while you’re studying at QUT, and get credit for them towards your degree.

You might do this if an elective you would like to take is only offered in a certain semester and you can’t fit it into your study plan, for instance.

How do I do it?

Before you start speaking to other Universities about applying, make sure you speak with your Course Coordinator. Confirm that the unit is equivalent to the QUT unit, and that you will get credit. You don’t want to waste your hard work!

Also, if studying at another institution means that you will not be studying at QUT for a semester or more, make sure you apply for a leave of absence.

You must complete any forms before the census date of the teaching period. The other university may have different census dates to QUT, so it’s your responsibility to make sure you do this by the deadline.

I’m a domestic student.

Make sure that between your QUT units and the units you take at the other institution you are not enrolled in more than the maximum course load of 60 credit points (usually 5 units).

I’m a Commonwealth supported student.

You will be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place at the other University. You will have to fill in new Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form, and then fill in the required forms from the University and hand it in to them. You will need to talk to the University about what you need to do.

I’m a tuition fee paying student.

You may be eligible to be Commonwealth supported at the other institution. Speak to the University about what forms you’re required to fill out, and talk about your eligibility with their institution.

I’m an international student.

You will need to talk to the other institution about what you need to do to apply. But make sure you consider the terms of your visa. You will need to make sure that studying at another institution requires you to study part time now or later, because this may be an issue with your visa.

If you need advice on your visa, contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub and we can help you.

So when I’m done, how do I get credit?

Make sure that you don’t complete the equivalent units at QUT. You will need to apply for Advanced Standing with the University, so read the article on how to do that.

If the cross-institutional study makes you eligible to graduate, make sure that when you fill out the Advanced Standing form you check the box beside “Mark here if you are in your last teaching period for this course based on studies at another institution”.

What if the University says I can’t do it, my credit application is denied, or I’m having trouble?

There are appeal processes. Read the Review of Academic Ruling article for more information.

If, at any point in the process, you feel confused or think the University is treating you unfairly, contact the Guild’s Student Rights Hub and we can give you advice or advocate for you.